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Small Size Humanoid Robot Kit


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KHR-1HV is now available! KHR-1HV, which succeeds KHR-1 and KHR-2HV, is the more advanced robot kit. With its 19 DOF, 2 added on the hip, you can enjoy more sophisticated and complicated motions.

Realise complex motion with an easy input!

It is easy to make complex motion thanks to our teaching system. You can indicate the motion just like moving figure above. You can input it by any servo used.

80 patterns of motions can be input

The volume is 30 steps per pattern of motion, a total of 2400 steps.In addition, it memorizes the motion and execution date. You can manage various motions much easier.

24 degrees of freedom is possible at most

It is equipped 19 degrees of freedom (19ch=19 servo) actually, and motherboard has 24 degrees of freedom. You can add a servo, a LED light, a sound circuit, and other gimmicks (you need to process it by yourself).

High volume battery enables long movement

It has 800mAh Nickel Hydrogen battery. You can enjoy more powerful movements for longer time. The battery holder attached makes it easier to put on and off.

Two kinds of servo fitted

In addition to servo equipped KHRS-788 servo, rotation shafts of shoulders has KHRS-4024S. Thanks to this, the shoulder now moves as much as 1.4 times of angle, which enables more various motions.

Firm arm supporter

New structure that protects shoulder joints when the robot falls down.

Added rotation shafts which enable more varied motions

The servos are attached to the forelegs to rotation shafts. Thus, you can realize smoother change of directions at your will. You can reproduce much more various postures with it.

USB connection

Connect, through USB, the robot directly to the PC in order to program the motions.

Reinforced resin-treated servo arm

Kondo Kagaku has developed a new resin-treated servo arm which enables easier assembling and smoother movement. It is robust and supports servo output shaft.

New motherboard with concentrated control system

You can unify the control of individual settings, which were required for ICS servo control setting, without taking it off from the mother board.

Cable guides

They enable to put together the leading wires along with the body and guarantee smooth moving.

17 KRS-788HV servo motors

They are sturdy and they perform realiable torque and precise motions. ●Torque:10.0Kg・cm ●Speed:0.14sec/60 ●Adaptable voltage:9〜12V

Wireless control option (sold seperatly)

You can call 80 types of motion data at once and operate the robot.

Easy battery replacement

A 10.8V compact battery is used. It takes little space and guarantees enough power. It is also simple to remove and set back.

Much more movable knee

The new design expands the movable range of knee joint and realizes more dynamic motion.


Suitable for learning robotics as well as participating humanoid robot competitions, KHR-1HV is one the most complete robot in the market.

If you are interested in buying KHR-1HV, please contact your closest distributor.

KONDO Catalogue(2007)

Product Specifications

Servo Motors Kondo KRS-788HV 17 units
Kondo KRS-4024S HV 2 units
Frame one unit
Control board RCB-3
Software 1 unit
USB cable to connect with PC 1 unit
Ni-cd battery 10.8V800mAh 1 unit
Charger 1 unit
Manual 1 unit
Measure 377 x 179 [mm]
Weight around 1.51 [kg] (w/ battery)
Joints 19 (Neck:1, Arm 3x2, leg 6x2)
Connection with PC with USB
OS Windows2000、XP
Recommendable CPU more than PentiumIII
Recommendable memory device more than 128MB