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Software, iMCs03 Visualizer

The oscilloscop is usually used when the signal of the electric circuit is inspected, but to get data more readily, PC that has USB interface becomes 8ch data logger easily by using iMCs03. it is also possible to output not only as graphical display but also to the file in cvs form, they can be used for the analysis afterwards.

Detail Information

Application specification

Supported OS Windows2000/XP
Supported language English & Japanese
Operating environment .NetFramework2.0 must be installed.
Recommended operating environment .NetFramework1.1 and .NetFramework2.0 must be installed.
Target products iMCs03
*except for the custom products
Number of analog inputs 8 (0-5V)
Number of I/O channels 19 (pulled up by 10Kohm)
File output format csv